Probably the first thing you want to know about a Mario Kart game is who's in, and who's not. Items and Racetracks are cool, but you want your favourite character in there the most. Mario Kart 7 takes a trip down nostalgia lane and has all default characters being the ones from the original Super Mario Kart for SNES, but adds newer characters in every actual Mario Kart series. 

Mario Kart 7 hasn't as many characters in its roster as Mario Kart Wii, but that doesn't make it a bad thing, so here is a list of characters:

Playable Characters ListEdit



The world famous plumber clad in red. Wan't it obvious he was in, I mean, his name is in the game's title! Mario uses his skills of kart-racing to the max and speeds down the roads.


Mario's not-as-famous brother. He maybe in Mario's shadow, but Mario Kart is one place he can overtake his brother. Luigi is the guy-to-be if you are a true Luigi fan!

Princess PeachEdit

The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She may be kidnapped every Thursday, but aleast in Mario Kart she can he as free as the wind and show Bowser who's boss. She's your character of you like to play as girls.


Mario's dino pal is now the one riding, and oh boy, I bet he loves it. Yoshi is that cute little dino who loves to eat things. If you are a lover of all things cute, then this green Yoshisaurus will be drifting down the tracks at your command.


Mario's arch-rival. No one knows why he invites him go-karting one day, and tries to kill him the next... This big boy is your choice if you are a lover of antagonists.

Donkey KongEdit

That stupid ape keeps on wanting to be with Mario because the guy debuted in a game called Donkey Kong. He doesn't really realise he is sorta making this a crossover, but hey, some people love him. He's your guys if you prefer the Donkey Kong series to the Mario series.


The head mushroom retainer is back on the tracks and ready for ACTION! He may have a bit of an annoying voice, but you gotta admit he's one pretty cool fungus. He some-what symbolises the Mario Kart series for some people, so I guess if you are one of them, you'd pick him.


One of Bowser's minions. He just walks forward and retracts in his shell when hit, but he has many other talents too, like kart-racing. He has a perfect oppertunity to show off that talent here, so why not help him out. He's your guys if you ever wanted to play as one of Mario's enemies.